Testimonials - Unique

We just wanted to give you an update on our girl, Unique, since it's almost been a year since we've had her.
Over the course of the year she has made so many great strides. She is still quite shy around new people and new dogs but has such a sweet and gentle soul.

It feels like she is continuously coming more and more out of her shell and is exploring and experiencing new things. Most recently, she started playing with toys that don't have food in them!

She is so loved, not only by us but by our families who are always asking to take her for a few days because they miss her when she's not around. She loves to sprint and do spins in the backyard and has perfect manners when on the leash. She Love the snow. She also has never met a cat she's doesn't like!

Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives, she has been the biggest blessing to us and our families.