Testimonials - Leona

Leona's one year anniversary and we will always thank you and feel blessed for having her in our lives. ❤️😘🥰

It's hard to believe that a year ago we were counting down the days and hours until we would meet our beautiful Leona.

She is loving life and we couldn't love her more. She's discovered rolling in the grass and she make me laugh every time she does it.

Now that it's hot sometimes after a good roll she just lies there and I have to give her a nudge. First time she did it Michel and I were laughing until we got home and realized she rolled in something skunky. I'll try and take a video clip and send it to you. 😘😘

Anastasia, I've been thinking about you and sending you a few photos of our girl to hopefully brighten your day.

She really has the best smile Anastasia. Michel and I were away last week, Kyle was home to look after her and a good friend of mine came over everyday to spend time with her.

Boy did I miss her!