Testimonials - Harriet

So, seven weeks ago our miraculous journey began. My ten year old Sarah and I had been searching for the perfect pet to adopt, knowing we wanted a rescue. We had searched for months with no luck, until we clicked on Harriet's picture on Adopt-a-pet.com which then linked us to Stray Paws from Greece. I phoned immediately, and within minutes, knew our search was over!

I spoke directly with Anastasia, who had endless patience and whose passion for her dogs was immediately apparent. She explained the entire process to me, came to our home for a visit, gave us all the advice we needed to make our home ready for Harriet, and became an instant friend. Anastasia has a talent - she knows her dogs and knows how to access which of her dogs will match each family. This talent and dedication cannot go unmentioned!

The magical day could not come quick enough and on July 11, 2019 our family went to meet Harriet at the international arrivals at Pearson airport. We, being one of five families that evening, waited with anticipation for the porter to walk through the doors with our new family members. This evening will never be forgotten.

Today, Harriet is well adapted, healthy and happy. She is perfect for our family and travels with us wherever we go. She is so well behaved, kind and gentle, yet filled with fun and adventure. We love her to bits and are grateful to Anastasia and all those who work with Stray Paws From Greece for our amazing Harriet!