Testimonials - Lucy

I can not say enough about the care, dedication and passion that Stray Paws from Greece has shown through the adoption process of my lovely Lucy. Through all my interactions them, Anastasia and the Stray Paws staff, both in Greece and in Canada, have gone above and beyond.
The journey that Lucy and I took to come together is probably a little different than most adoption processes, as I had some specific requirements that I knew would make my ability to adopt a bit more challenging, but Anastasia and her team did their best and demonstrated that they cared above and beyond for the well being of their dogs, and also that they cared about me.
Even after realizing that my first application for one of their dogs would not work out, they still kept me in mind, and Anastasia called me personally asking me to “please trust me to find the perfect dog for you.” And she did.
Lucy is perfect. She is a hilariously goofy girl. For example, as I write this, she is trying to tempt me away from the computer by lying on her back staring at me, entreating me to give her belly rubs.
She gets along and plays with the other dogs in my family, (she even takes on my cousin’s Irish Wolfhound, despite their size difference), and she loves my whole family. She’s pretty adaptive and brave, she’s been paddle boarding and canoeing at the cottage, she’s judged my shopping choices when I’ve taken her shopping, and she mostly puts up with my enthusiasm for having her picture taken.
Thank you Anastasia and Stray Paws from Greece for bringing us together. I can’t imagine my life without her, and she makes my house feel like a home.