Adoption Process - Adoption Application

  1. Animal Information
  2. About you
  3. Your Lifestyle/Household Information
  4. Pet Owning History
  5. Other Information
  6. Terms

Who is the dog you wish to adopt?

If this dog is no longer available, is there another dog you would be interested in?

I understand that this application form is not a guarantee that the dog I have applied for will still be available if my application to adopt a dog is approved, as there could be several applications for this dog already in progress or the dog may have a requirement that my home does not provide.

I understand that Stray Paws from Greece does not approve their dogs to applicants on a "first come first serve" basis, it is the best interest of the dog that is considered in the event of multiple applications for the same dog and the home best suited to the specific needs of the dog will be selected.

Stray Paws from Greece reserves the right to refuse any adoption application if it feels the adoption is not in the best interests of the dog.

I understand that no matter how much rescued dogs are evaluated by their temporary care families, they usually come with "baggage" we don't know about, and the transition may take weeks or even months.

Falsified answers to any question is this application or asked as part of the application process will lead to automatic refusal of this application.