Testimonials - Rallou

When we first inquired about adopting we were so happy to have such in-depth conversations with Anastasia about what we wanted and what our family was like. Stay Paws from Greece knows their dogs so well they knew what dog would be prefect for our family. Anastasia was so excited to tell us about a dog what would suit us so well.
After meeting Her in person at our home we learnt how passionate she was about finding the right home for the dogs. This made us so confident in her recommendation of the dog we should adopt. Over the next few weeks we got many photos and videos of our sweet girl Rallou. This kept us constantly updated and excited for her arrival.
Picking up Rallou at the airport was a beautiful and emotional experience. Anastasia made sure we were well equipped and informed to make the adoption smooth and easy! To say that we are pleased with Rallou would be an understatement, Anastasia took what she had learned about our family so seriously when considering what dog would work for us.
Rallou is perfect, we couldn’t have gotten a better match. We love her so so much!! Stray paws from Greece really knows their dogs and really cares for where they end up!

Thank you so much for our sweet girl ❤️