Testimonials - Seeva

It has taken me longer than I would have liked to write this. Sometimes finding the words to explain how adopting an animal in to your home can change your life is tricky business. I have always loved dogs. I grew up with a little Jack in my home who brought years of joy and laughter to our family.Wen my husband and I were finally settled I knew it was time for us to bring a new furry member to our family. We planned and researched but all plans went out of the window when I saw SEEVA'S picture on SPFG website.We immediately went to work on the very comprehensive application process and, two days later, we got the call!
You Anastasia were so wonderful throughout the adoption process. Your openness and honesty about Seeva and her needs really showed me the depth of care you all have for the dogs you are bringing in to our homes. I love the way this team really wants to know that you have found the right home for these animals and we can see it in every follow up message and update we receive. It is a labor of love that shows at every turn! I hope that you all know that you are changing the lives of these deserving animals but also those of the people who are lucky enough to invite a new family member into their home.
Seeva is an absolute ray of sunshine in my world. She is funny, smart,sassy and never fails to make us laugh. Everyone who meets her is taken by her affectionate nature and quirky personality. She makes our home brighter and for that I will always be grateful. Our girl has settled in to our world like she was always meant to be here and l couldn't imagine not having her with us.
Thank you very much to you Anastasia and your lovely and supportive team at SPFG. I hope you know how much you are changing the lives of those who are lucky enough to work with your organization!