Testimonials - Beauty

It has been 10.5 months as of tomorrow since we have been blessed with our precious Beauty. I came upon Stray Paws from Greece quite by accident. Actually it was meant to be. I had tried to rescue 3 other dogs here in Ontario. Each one of them had medical issues that the cost of adopting would be more than I could manage. After reading my application, Anastasia highly recommended Beauty - even though I had applied for one of her other available dogs - so I was a little surprised that she thought she could recommend another dog after talking to me for a short period of time..I was a bit taken a back but something in me told me to trust this lady and I did wholeheartedly!
And not long after that our Beauty arrived and it was love at first sight. We have come to cherish this little girl. She is so sweet, easily trained and so wants to please. She makes us laugh everyday. Her personality is amazing. We are very grateful to SPFG team in Greece as well, they certainly gave her a great foundation.
She enjoyed her first snowfall and winter to the fullest and loves us as well as her new life here in Canada very much..
Stray Paws from Greece really is a fantastic organization. I am so happy that we have been blessed with this little blue eyed wonder. They know their dogs.