Testimonials - Maya

I would like to thank Stray Paws from Greece for allowing us to adopt our wonderful Maya. I am so impressed with the dedication and hard work Tasoula and her volunteers that I would love to help Stray Paws in whatever capacity they need me.
My experience, as well as my sister’s, has been phenomenal. Tasoula and her volunteers are committed to finding the perfect family for these wonderful dogs. They really did their due-diligence ensuring that our existing pets had all their shots, etc. They really want to make certain that these dogs are the right fit for the family and will be released to a loving family that will provide a forever home to them.
My sister also adopted two adorable dogs from Stray Paws and her experience was also wonderful. Both of us have the utmost admiration for Tasoula. The highlight of our experience was at the airport. You could see the love she has for all the dogs she brings over.
Maya has been a wonderful addition to our family and is a wonderful companion for our dog Hatchi. We continually stay in touch with Tasoula and send her videos and pictures of Maya which she loves to receive.
Thank you Stray Paws for all that you do. Your dedication and love for animals is truly inspiring.