Testimonials - Labra

After a year of being without a dog we decided it was time to look for a new addition to our family. We decided not to go for a puppy since there are so many rescue dogs who need homes. My first search on Adopt-a-pet yielded a result that showed Labra, a 1.5 year old lab mix. I had thought that it would take weeks or months to find the perfect dog, but I was immediately taken by her. I kept searching and looked at possibly hundreds of dogs but I came back to her as my favourite. I showed her profile to my husband and he too was immediately interested. I decided to complete the application but I was afraid that she may have been adopted already.
I called Anastasia the next day to see if she had received my application and whether or not Labra was still available. I was immediately impressed with Anastasia as her love for dogs was so apparent. She told me that Labra was in Greece (!) and explained all about the adoption process. We really connected over one telephone conversation, and I had a very good feeling that things would work out. After that I spoke with a Straw Paws from Greece volunteer by phone, who told me that our application was moving forward, and that she would set up a home visit. When Anastasia came to our home we were so taken by her huge heart and her desire to find homes for the stray dogs in Greece who are in such need of love and support. We were amazed to learn more about Stray Paws from Greece and all of the incredible work that she and her rescue team have done for dogs over the years. We knew that we wanted to adopt Labra and it felt like a perfect match. We received a date that Labra would arrive, and Anastasia sent us pictures and updates, which made us even more excited to meet our girl!
On October 22, 2018 we picked up Labra at the airport and fell in love with her at first sight.
The whole process was seamless and we would HIGHLY recommend that people adopt through Stray Paws from Greece. Not only is the organization unbelievable, but the quality of dogs is second to none. Labra is such a sweet and very well-behaved dog. Just as they told us she would, she loves all people and dogs, and her affection and calm temperament couldn’t be more perfect. She is our little furry angel and she has already brought us so much joy in just three months. We love her so much!! It is not an exaggeration to say that all of our family, friends and neighbours who have met her all say how adorable and loving she is. We plan to train her as a therapy dog so that more people can benefit from her amazing temperament. We are so grateful to Anastasia and Stray Paws from Greece for allowing us to adopt our dream dog