Testimonials - Scot/Tucker

My first interaction with Anastasia was a phone call inquiring about adopting "Scot". At the time, I didn't realize he was in Greece, and had no idea what the process was. But after talking to her for over an hour and setting up a time to meet in person I was excited about the prospect of adopting this beautiful dog and making him a part of our family. Upon meeting Anastasia in person, her passion in finding the right home for each and everyone of her dogs was evident and we were humbled by the fact that she entrusted us with "Scot" to become a member of our family. We eagerly awaited her weekly photos/videos of Scot as they prepared him for his trip to Canada. Shopping trips to the pet stores to buy supplies helped bide our time until the big day of his arrival.

The day of his arrival was so emotional and magical at the same time and was the beginning of our new family. Scot became Tucker and has settled into his new life amazingly well. He is incredibly smart, loving and believe it or not a bit of a comedian - he makes us laugh on a daily basis. We are blessed to have Tucker as part of our family and its all thanks to Anastasia and Stray Paws from Greece. We are incredibly fortunate to have found this organization who work so hard to find loving homes for such deserving dogs.