Testimonials - Rita

Hi Anastasia - wanted to send you a quick update on Rita.

She has settled in very well with her new home and family. She's the most cuddly dog I've met and would literally spend the entire day lying on my chest (in fact, she just interrupted me as I typed this message by sticking her snout under my phone as I typed 😂).

She has a tonne of energy and loves her walks more than anything. We are planning to visit my family in Nova Scotia this summer and I'm excited to let her run around in their massive, fenced in backyard. I can just imagine her zooming back and forth all day in a way that she can't when we walk her here. We're still very careful when outside as she does pull and get excited, and I know if she ever got away it would be tough to catch up.

She's gained a lot of confidence. Every now and then something will happen and she'll crouch down in a submissive position, but that's rare. The one thing she hates more than anything is when we walk in front of a building on our street that always put excess salt on the sidewalk. She remembers it getting stuck in her paws once when it was icy, so we always have to cross the street lol!

Thanks again for bringing her into our lives. We are very grateful.