Testimonials - Meera

It's been four weeks since we brought home our sweet Meera, and our family could not be happier! We want to thank you again, SPFG and the fosters, for the amazing work you do! The entire experience is one we'll never forget. From first meeting you and learning about SPFG and all the deserving dogs, to our weekly talks and photo/video updates on Meera while we took the time needed to prepare for her arrival, to picking up Meera at the airport...it was just as you had told us, incredible! Meera is everything you told us she would be! She's such a wonderful dog, so gentle and friendly, well behaved, and loves everyone. We tell everyone we meet about SPFG, and they're amazed as Meera is so good. You knew the perfect dog for our family, and we feel very blessed! We have our forever family dog, and a new friend in you. Thank you Tasoula, and send our thanks again to the fosters