Testimonials - Milka

What can I say about my experience with Stray Paws From Greece? Whether I speak about the dedication Anastasia- founder of SPFG has to this noble cause of providing a better life for stray or abandoned dogs in Greece, to the attentive care of approving an application after meticulously visiting with the family and the home and assessing how good is a "match" for the good of both family and dog, to the extensive knowledge of the personalities and characters of the dogs, to the thorough and transparent commitment to their medical records, where the dogs are completely vaccinated, fixed and then vetted several times before travel, even the day before travel to make sure that the dogs are healthy and ready for their new life!

Anastasia and all the rescuers at SPFG know their dogs so well, to the point where when you meet your dog at the airport for the first time (and what an exciting experience that is!) you already know everything about your dog...All through the "waiting time" from the approval of the application to adopt the dog to the day the dog arrives to Toronto Anastasia and SPFG keep you on the loop and keep sending you info pictures and videos of your dog where you see how lovingly and happily they are living and are cared for by their rescuers and fosters back in Greece.

Anastasia is very serious when it comes to providing a better life for these dogs, she does it fairly, firmly and correctly, having the well being of the dog and the family as her main goal!

For anyone considering adopting a dog, I recommend SPFG in a heartbeat!It is such an enriching experience and not only you adopt your best friend, you make a new friend for life with Anastasia, and you learn from her longtime rescue history every day!