Adoptable Dogs - Zorba

"ZORBA" is a German shepherd mix, about 3 years old and weights approx. 30 kg.
3 years ago one of our team members pulled to the side of the road to answer an incoming call from Anastasia calling all the way from Canada.
They barely exchanged two sentences when she heard puppy whimpers, came out of the car and bumped into this tiny furry ball that could barely walk.

She lovingly picked up the puppy and after securing it in the crate searched long and far for any signs of siblings, but unfortunately found none. She took him to our vet and then to our sanctuary. He's been with us ever since.

"ZORBA" is completely healthy, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. He is also housebroken and leash trained.

"ZORBA" is a bit shy when first meeting new people but warms up very quickly. Then he turns into this incredibly syrupy, tender, cuddly, lovable guy. SPFG volunteers call him "BACLAVA" because he has so much sugar and syrup!!!

He is the kind of dog that will restore your energy and cheerfulness for the day. He is also social and playful with other animals. He would make an excellent companion for any family.