Adoptable Dogs - Ombra

She is about 1 year and a half, a WHIPPET MIX and weights about 15kg. Our team sequestered her from a drug addict who was abusing her horribly and she has been with us ever since. ''OMBRA'' is now a picture of health, fully vetted and vaccinated, spayed and microchipped, also leash trained and housebroken. After a short period of uncertainty, she completely forgot her tragic past and exhibited her lovely and sweet personality. She quickly adapted into life in our sanctuary and made easily new friends. ''OMBRA'' is a little shy when meeting people, but warms up to them very soon, at the first treat, becoming friendly, playful and cuddly. She is also very social and playful with other dogs and cats. As a whippet mix, she needs daily exercise, but once she had her fill, she is quiet and relaxed inside the house, preferring to cuddle next to her human. ''OMBRA'' would fit perfectly into any type of lifestyle and family.