Adoptable Dogs - Lisa

"LISA" is a KOKONI MIX ( a breed native to Greece since the beginning time ) 3 years old and now weights approx. 10 kg. She had given birth in the country and by the time she was spotted with her puppies by one of our team members, she was weak and unable to stand on her own, almost catatonic. She was diagnosed with an almost fatal vitamin and calcium deficiency, due to her pregnancy and nursing of her pups. She was treated by our vet immediately and has been with us ever since.
"LISA" is now a picture of health, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed, also housebroken and leash trained. She completely adores people, so much that despite her ordeal, she will ignore her dinner to get petted. She is also friendly with other dogs and cats and adores children!. "LISA" is one happy girl, and she will fit easily into any lifestyle.