Adoptable Dogs - Lilian

'LILIAN'' appeared one morning outside our sanctuary! Weak and exhausted she was looking for a place to protect herself. It was as if her guardian angel urged her to do so in order to be saved. Of course she was immediately taken in and looked after. After being fully examined and spayed, ''LILIAN'' felt really comfortable and relaxed. And then something magical happened; she took the role of the mother in the sanctuary. She is a remarkably calm dog and as such she ''adopted'' many of the other animals in the sanctuary. By generously giving her love and positive energy she helped them adapt and become balanced. She's been Maximus, Patty, Lila, Greta's and many-many others' buddy. But we strongly believe that it's time ''LILIAN'' retired. She wants to find peace and deserves a family of her own to pamper her. ''LILIAN'' is a loving, calm, low-energy animal, with high emotional intelligence. She loves humans, yummy treats, walks, the sun practically everything. Our amazing girl has one small flaw: she dislikes cats.
 She is a picture of health, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed. She is housebroken and leash trained as well.