Adoptable Dogs - Examilios

EXAMILIOS is a German shepherd mix, about 3 years old and weights approx. 30 kg.
During one of her lasts years trip to Greece Anastasia got a tip that there was a sick and injured dog at a gypsy camp. And even though going to a camp like that can be one of the most dangerous things you can do Anastasia didn't think twice before taking one of our volunteers with her and going there.

Upon arrival as they started looking around, they came across a terrified dog with a badly injured eye, who looked as he has been also set on fire, after being doused with some flammable liquid – pictures are to graphic to post, but are available upon request.

Anastasia and our teammate risking their lives came out of the car and managed to take the dog and drive away from that place. After a long visit to our amazing vet, where all the appropriate exams and procedures were performed, they brought him to our sanctuary. He's been with us ever since.

"EXAMILIOS" underwent long, painful and costly treatments, but sadly his left eye could not be saved since it was already lost due to his injury. His fur -after being burned- is growing back erratically, but our vet has high hopes it will eventually became nice and silky.

"EXAMILIOS" is now completely healthy, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. He is also housebroken and leash trained.

"EXAMILIOS" is exceptionally friendly with humans and very social with other animals. He is playful and affectionate and loves to be scratched on his lower back.
He is inquisitive and loves to investigate everything on long walks!

He is a treasure of a dog!

He would make an excellent companion for any family.