Adoptable Dogs - Ellie

ELLIE" is a POINTER MIX, about 3 years old and weights aprox. 25 kg.

"ELLIE" was saved by Anastasia herself who believed the dog to be pregnant so she picked her up from the street in order to have our vet check her out and then bring her to our sanctuary to safely deliver her babies. But the stop at our vet proved that "ELLIE" was simply fat. Needless to say that Anastasia did not return the dog to that area but brought her in to our sanctuary where she's been loved and cared for ever since.

Anastasia found out later that a woman in that neighbourhood in order to keep the strays around her house as a security system kept overfeeding them with all the wrong things..

"ELLIE" is a picture of health. And with the proper diet, food and exercise she lost all excess weight and is now perfectly fit! She is also fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed. In addition she has been housebroken and leash trained.

"ELLIE" is quite human centered. She immediately hits it off with strangers and absolutely adores to be petted. She is also very food oriented and easily trainable. She is social with other dogs, but very eclectic and choosy when it comes to playmates.