Adoptable Dogs - Duke

DUKE is a POINTER MIX, 4 years old and weights approx 24kg.

"DUKE" was found by a SPFG friend who was out in the woods with her dog. He was unconscious and starved almost to death, just skin on bones. He was one of the countless puppies hunters abandon when they discover they can't use them or sell them for hunting or breeding.
Anastasia took him straight to our vet and called us. After a long phase of convalescence, followed a long period of recuperation; but now "DUKE" is a picture of health, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered, also housebroken and leash trained.

"DUKE" is an absolutely carefree boy who just loves everyone and everything, dogs, cats, people, strangers, bees, toads, car rides, doctors, butterflies, food. He gets excited seeing his friends even after a 5 min parting. He is curious, inquisitive and as a hunting dog has unlimited energy outdoors, whereas he calms inside. "DUKE" is a sensitive boy, very affectionate who needs gentle handling. He would be happy in any type of family, if he has ways to spend all that energy.