Adoptable Dogs - Dimi

"DIMI" a CAROLINA DOG MIX, 4 years old and weighs 16kg.

Maybe luck wasn't my friend in the past, but I will not whine. I used to live on the roof of a building. Once a day, a lady brought me food. I had water. I had a shelter. Many other dogs aren't so lucky, they passed by and we chatted even though I was up there and they were down, way down. I could not –for the life of me- abide the boredom, the emptiness, the loneliness. Other dogs who were walked by on a leash told me of companionship, caresses, cuddles, beds, friends, love. Of the things they had seen, the smells, the adventures. Oh my, the foods they described…

Luck however shined on me… a lady came and took me to a place where there is food, treats, shelter, beds, friends to play with, new smells, treats… and lots of love. Now that I have learned how a caress feels, now that I had my first cuddle I want more and more. I want what those passing by dogs called "my family".

"DIMI" is a picture of health, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped and neutered, also housebroken and leash trained.

"DIMI" is a bundle of joy, never looking back. He is always cheerful, a nothing- is- bad- in- life little guy. He loves people children and he is quite social with dogs. He doesn't pay much attention to cats. He is an energetic dog who needs activity, and easily trained.
He would be perfect for any type of family. If interested in adopting our cheery boy "DIMI" please visit our website to fill out an application at;