Adoptable Dogs - Dean

I am a BELGIAN SHEPHERD MIX, 11 months old and I weigh aprox. 32kg.
I was born on the abandoned tracks of a train. My earliest memory is of my mommy scavenging for food around. One day she just didn't come back and I was left alone with my sister. We barely survived with what food passerbys threw at us and rainwater. But at least we were together, kept each other warm and safe. Time went by...Then one day I woke up next to her still body. I nudged her, licked her, pawed her but nothing… She had left me too…I howled my desperation to the winds…And then a blessing.. A passing by team member of SPFG heard a heartbreaking howl and decided to search for the source.

"DEAN" is a very benevolent and generous guy. He is friendly with people and other dogs and quite playful. He loves to go on walks and behaves like a gentleman on a leash.

He's a picture of health, fully vetted and vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

He would be perfect for any type of family.

If interested in adopting our kind boy "DEAN" please visit our website to fill out an application at;